Commercial - Smoothwall Ltd

Smoothwall Limited was founded in October 2001 to produce commercially supported products based on the Smoothwall concept.

Many business and commercial users were impressed by the Smoothwall GPL firewall but needed the reassurance of commercial support and timely updates/releases before they could consider replacing existing products from the major security vendors. Smoothwall Ltd  provides commercially supported alternatives that are functionally equivalent to major vendor offerings without the associated expense. Products include firewalls, web content filters, email security, VPN, and bandwidth management applications with substantial discounts available for schools and other educational institutions. Please visit the Smoothwall Ltd website for more details.

Smoothwall Ltd provides support for its commercial products via our technical team and a global network of resellers.

Smoothwall Ltd has never forgotten its roots and is firmly committed to supporting the Open Source movement. The company accepts its corporate social responsibilities and tries to operate with honesty and transparency in everything it does. Without support from Smoothwall Ltd, Express would not exist in its current form and project team members would not be able to deliver the quick fixes and feature-rich functionality that sets our Open Source firewall apart from the rest.