User Quotes

Smoothwall has found a home in companies worldwide. Here are some quotes from users who have contacted us – we literally have over four thousand emails from happy users all over the world.

"Our DSL line went down recently due to the attack on NYC. I needed to quickly set up a shared dialup and didn’t want to mess with our current firewall. Smoothwall installed in minutes and my users were able to check their e-mail within half an hour."

"The cost of a Cisco router was seriously prohibitive for my company, but thanks to Smoothwall I have all the functionality at an unbeatable price."

"I use my Smoothwall in a local high school where I am network administrator. It is a small private school with very little extra money in the budget for technology items.
Your smoothwall is a perfect solution for us and has operated to perfection thus far."

"Beautiful interface, and GREAT install! I just installed Smoothwall on a HP Pavilion 6530, with 3 Netgear NICs. I am currently using a Watchguard Firebox, and am more impressed with your product than theirs!!"

"I was in the process of ordering a PIX firewall when I came across smoothie. I waited two days for 0.9.9 beta to be released. Downloaded, installed it and put into use today for a daily newspaper in Ohio, US"