0.9.6 Release

Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 01:56:45 +0000 (GMT)
From: “Lawrence Manning” lawrence@aslak.demon.co.uk
To: smoothwall-talk@lists.sourceforge.net
Cc: smoothwall-announce@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Smoothwall-talk] 0.9.6 is on sourceforge

Hi Smoothies,

Finally, you can go get it.

For people worried about downloading a good copy (you sensible people), here is the file data for the iso:

filename: smoothwall-cdrom-0.9.6.iso
size: 21123072 byte
md5sum: db3c07bc6ad2b80f809b184f99019d83

The ISO does NOT include source or kit tarballs, they are seperate downloads. There’s a new isdn-kit for people who want to play with ISDN cards. It contains hopefully enough bits for people to attempt to get there ISDN cards working with smoothwall. It is by no means complete, finished, or even properly tested, but it is a START. A README describes very quickly what to do.

Release notes: (this really IS the notes for 0.9.6, honest. It’s 2am, and I really am too tired to edit them AGAIN. The only interesting bit is the list of fixes and new stuff anyway).

Install notes for Smoothwall Version 0.9.4 (18/09/00)
By Lawrence Manning (lawrence@aslak.demon.co.uk)
and Jon Fautley (jon@filbert-da-frog.co.uk)

Remember to check our sourceforge site for updates!


This software is license under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
See www.gnu.org for more info. It comes with NO WARRANTY.


This software is in BETA

Please refer to the Fixes section, to see what’s been fixed. It’s at the bottom of this file


This is a complete (if very small) linux distribution and if you install it, it will reformat your harddisk!!!!! Do not under any circumstances run the installer on a machine you have data you wish to keep on!


Please refer to the Install guide and Config guide in the Smoothwall project page on Sourceforge.


The following fixes and improvements are relative to 0.9.5LF

Ssh disable/enable via remote.cgi webpage

DHCP domain name – Fran Boon

Reboot action via shutdown -r

Shows day online – Shaun Moran

Log rotates via a call to logrotate at boot. No more huge log files if smoothwall is not left on.

Shows all interfaces – John Potelle

syslog tweak (-m 0) – Eric S. Johansson

Perms change on /var/smoothwall. If users are added to smoothwall (this is not a supported feature), then they cannot enter /var/smoothwall. Thankyou Filbert

Logs fix for December

Menubar and new colours/borders

Multi ISP profile support. Upto 5 profiles can be entered and switched via the PPP page.

Credits changes: sponsorships, and finally thanking the cool authors of dnrd, ipac, and others.

No ftp in installing – Ooops.

readhash() deals with lines with more then one equals. Will help later with multi nic support – Eric

Logs “smoothwall” events, config changes, restarting services etc

Rawrite.exe included in /dosutils on ISO.