0.9.9 Release

Date: Sat, 15 Sept 2001 18:14:07 +0000 (GMT)
From: Lawrence Manning lawrence@smoothwall.org
To: users@lists.smoothwall.org, labs@lists.smoothwall.org
Subject: [users] 0.9.9 available


You all know already, but this is the “formal” announcement.

You can get it from:


The highlights of enhancements over 0.9.8 are:

  • Support for 14 languages, including: German, French, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish and Italian.
  • New, vastly improved, UI.
  • Support for USB ADSL using Alcatel modems.
  • Support for PPPoE.
  • Dial on Demand for ISDN and modems. ISDN also features bandwidth on demand, for automatic bringing up of the second channel when it is needed.
  • PPTP passthrough for accessing Windows VPNs from the LAN.
  • New Squid, high performance, web proxy.
  • Keyboard/Timezone selectors.
  • Better DMZ support. Servers on ORANGE are accessible from GREEN. Pinholes can be setup to allow ORANGE to access GREEN in a restricted way, for example, for use in webmail setups where mail server is on the local network.
  • Install updates via the web, even on remote smoothies, with an easy to use update system.
  • Access the web interface via HTTPS.
  • External access configuration page: restrict access to local ports by IP.
  • Better portforwarding. Because incoming connections go through the external access rules, you can restrict forwarded to ports to a range of IPs. UDP portforwarding has been added.
  • Web based VPN setup. Setup multiple VPN tunnels from the web. Export configurations and re-import on other SmoothWalls to setup networks of tunnels from a single desktop using just a browser.
  • Better log management. Export logs. All log views are paginated so a range of events is viewable at a time.
  • Firewall log has the ability to look up IPs, both in the form of a reverse DNS lookup and the RIPE info.
  • IDS using snort. No setup required. Log viewer for viewing events.
  • Dynamic DNS support for 5 popular dynamic DNS services.
  • Everything else that I’ve forgotten

Lawrence Manning

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