IRC has always been important in the development of Smoothwall, it is a great way to chat in real-time to other Smoothwall Express users and even the developers.

We use the OFTC Network, and instructions for connecting can be found here. If you’re new to IRC please take a look at this guide. There is also a ‘netiquette‘ in using IRC and we ask that you please scan this before you ask questions – thanks!

Our channel is called #smoothwall - here, you can ask questions about the project and request help from the community. It is run by the team (who are also the channel ops) and has a bunch of friendly regulars. Please bear in mind that no-one can work 24/7 answering questions so there may be times when no-one answers! It generally gets busier during North American evening timezones.

IRC is covered by our Code of Conduct, please read and respect it – thanks and enjoy!

Please note that it is not a support channel for any commercial Smoothwall products, e.g. Advanced Firewall or UTM-1000. For that, please use Smoothwall Ltd